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Solutions to meet your needs

Your circumstances, capacity & character

I firmly believe that individuals and teams reach their full potential when they understand themselves and their challenges.

Creating lasting change requires effort. Together we explore your envisioned future and develop a personalised sustainable approach. Establishing the right foundations, goals, and plans is a part of what it takes. They alone are not enough.  The ability to execute and adapt to what comes your way is critical, yet often overlooked, resulting in bouncing between all-or-nothing delivery and ultimately failing to achieve all we could.

In my experience, acknowledging your reality and navigating competing demands are fundamental for sustainable progress. The right balance of challenge and support is key to transforming your current state into your desired future.

If you're ready for positive change, let's start a conversation about how we can work together. 

Example Solutions

At the heart of the EC approach is working with people to determine what type of intervention will best meet their needs. Below are some examples of the packages offered. These can be delivered 121 or in small groups.


All packages are available physically or virtually.

Working with Solid

Unlocking our resilience & looking afer our foundations package helps people to handle whatever comes our way.

being your

Being your BEST package helps people understand that everyday spent without understanding how to operate at your BEST is a day lost for you to deliver what you are really capable of.

Personal Productivity

The Effective Challenge Personal Productivity Package helps people step back and develop an approach ready to handle what comes their way personally and professionally.



Working from a principle that performance equals potential minus interference, I coach individuals and teams to determine the outcomes they'd like to acheive and the actions required to get them there.


Working with individuals to establish clarity about the future and build an approach to achieve sustained performance improvement and change


Name, Title



Working with teams to understand how to get the best from each other, create their future and get the best from each 


Bringing external views about performance to your next event

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