Things will come our way... It's our ability to respond

The pace of life

We all have multiple roles to fulfil.  We can find that we end up being pulled in multiple directions and putting other people and things ahead of the things we know matter most.

This can lead to frustration and behaviours we would rather avoid or eliminate.

Unlocking your resilience

People that develop an understanding of how to access their resilience achieve more of what they want and are happier in the process.

Effective Challenge has personal coaching and workshops to unlock Personal Resilience.

You first

There's a reason you are asked to put your oxygen mask on first.

Being the best, parent, employee, partner requires looking look after yourself first.  For some, this can feel odd or even selfish. However, those that appreciate this point come to realise the effort required pays back with positive interest.


Having a sustainable approach designed around your actual circumstances is a key first step.

Approach includes

  1.  Developing your understanding of what personal resilience is.

  2. Assessing the challenges of accessing resilience

  3. Working out the multiple roles you fulfil and current satisfaction level with each.

  4. Raising awareness and understanding of your resilience foundations.

  5. Developing practical strategies and plans to ensure you can tap into your resilience and ways to manage when you might fall short of what you'd like.

Start Changing Your Story

What impact could having access to your own resilience do for you both personally and professionally?

Let's talk about how the Effective Challenge Package could help you?


"The Resilience coaching has to be one of the most relevant sessions I have ever been on. It answers a lot of questions.

Thank you,


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