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Building sustainable performance

People make teams.  These three words are so often overlooked.  When working with any team to achieve change that improves performance and results, it's important to understand who is sitting around the 'table'. There are multiple reasons that contribute to teams fulfilling their potential.  Recognising that People Make Teams is right up there in my experience.

When people feel and behave without the need for the unnecessary filters of 'small p' politics, point-scoring and defensive calculating the level of trust grows, and with that trust comes openness.  Openness to saying what you really think, openness to new ways of doing things, and openness to genuinely seek to understand alternative points of view. When teams are able to achieve this it's common that they speed up their decision making, and increase clarity and the quality of results.

Achieving the above can't just be learned in textbooks. Teams need to put effort into making their collective potential count.  As a result, this effort tends to get deprioritised in favour of the latest and loudest 'crisis'.  The irony is that teams spend more time dealing with the fallout of not working on their performance. 

My work with teams helps tackle this irony.



Information about the approaches used when working with teams 


Team Packages to some common goals


Some common questions about working with teams

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