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How long are your sessions?

This is really dependent on what objectives my work is looking to contribute to. Here are a few illustrative examples.

  • Running workshops are typically half or full-day plus time to prepare.

  • Individual sessions as part of a wider team development plan are typically one to two hours.

  • Critical friend for Board meetings are typically the length of the Board meeting itself plus 60 to 90 minutes preparation.

Where do your sessions take place?

The location varies on a number of factors including, time, location and objectives. It's common to use client premises or rented meeting/conference facilities.


Where appropriate I also use a range of virtual tools such as Skype, Face Time and Google Hangouts or client-specific video conferencing to dial into Board meetings.



How much does coaching cost?

There are a variety of factors which go into determining the cost of using my services. These include:

  • Outcomes to be sought

  • Location

  • Frequency of meetings

  • Duration of meetings

  • A bespoke or existing programme

Any reasonable expenses are charged at cost.

An initial no-obligation conversation is the best way to understand what's required and what approach could work best. From this, it is possible to develop costings.

I have a question that's not covered here.

I'd be really happy to answer any questions you might have.  Either complete the contact form below or if you'd prefer to drop me an e-mail then please use

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