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Work with the hand you're dealt

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Stage 5, 172km from Atripalda to Salero a hectic wet race with multiple crashes, including one of the prerace favourites Remco Evenepoel, who actually hit the ground twice. Thankfully at the time of writing this no serious injuries to report. Britain’s Mark Cavendish also crashed in the end of stage sprint. He literally slid across the finish line to take 4th place. No change to the overall classification. What’s the lesson? Don’t give up even when the circumstances look against you. Like in stage racing, so many variables influence our lives. It can sometimes look like the odds are against us and then we lose heart or simply give up. Today's stage shows that things can so easily change for and against us. So working with the actual situations we face rather than in our imaginations is an important reminder.

All the best to those riders and teams who have been impacted by the stage today. #giro #giroditalia2023 #giroditalia #resilience #emotionalintelligence #success

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