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the true measure of success lies in your unseen actions

Stage 16, 203km from Sabbio Chiese to Monte Bondone a day when the general classification came alive. Stage victory went to Joao Almeida who won a mountain top sprint from Geraint Thomas, who took back the pick jersey and increased his lead over his GC rivals by 16 seconds. This was the day with the most climbing in the whole three weeks. Varying reports of exactly how much. The climbing was around 5500m. Enough to fatigue any legs.

What's the lesson? The true measure lies in your unseen actions. Geraint Thomas has many plaudits for how he rode on the final climb to Monte Bondone. Attacking, composed, strong, all words I've seen to describe his performance. It's easy to get caught up in the end product and lose sight of the effort put in over many months to prepare. Thomas imparticular, overcame several setbacks in the months coming into the Giro. No one was watching the hard training rides, no one was watching to see the response to another setback, no one was watching to see what it's like being away from family and friends to dedicate to training. Yet it is all these things that mean he can perform. What unseen actions could you take to improve your performance?

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