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Stepping on someone's dream

Stage 17, 197km from Pergine Valsugana to Carole, played out as anticipated with a bunch sprint. Victory on the day by a tyre width went to Alberto Dainese. No change in the GC.

So what’s the lesson? Stepping on someone’s dream. Meet Arne Marit, a name that may not ring a bell for many, including myself. However, Arne Marit had been quietly striving for success on the stage throughout the entire season. Alongside his team, they meticulously planned their path to victory, enduring illness and conquering formidable mountains. Everything seemed to be falling into place until fate intervened.

A devastating setback occurred with a mere 250 meters separating Arne Marit from the finish line. His chain suddenly slipped off, shattering his dreams in an instant. When interviewed at the finish line, Arne Marit’s emotion and disappointment were clear for everyone. Although no certainties of victory had the chain remained intact, being denied the opportunity to compete at that critical moment is a bitter pill.

This story invites us to consider other people we may know yet are unaware of the opportunities they are striving for. It's a thought-provoking question worth considering. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to broach this topic in a conversation over the next week, allowing for exploration and reflection upon the potential chances that may have eluded us due to our lack of awareness.

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