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in time the details matter less

Stage 12, from Bra to Rivoli. A breakaway stage victory to Nico Denz. In 2023 Giro terms an uneventful day. Perhaps as the GC riders have one eye on the the Alps which they begin to tackle of Friday. No change in the GC overall.

What’s the lesson? Good or not so good, over time the details will matter less. Denz a name not too many people will know - he’s been riding for over a decade. The Giro stage victory will I suspect, mark a career-high. In years to come, people will unlikely remember that stage 12 was a transitional stage. Or that many of the GC teams were doing damage limitation as they look to reshape and recover after crashes and withdrawals. No, #stage if there’s one thing stage 12 will be remembered for it’s the Denz victory. The details are important in the near term, they often become less key as time passes. Good to keep that in perspective as we agonise over them in the here and now.

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