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great the enemy of the good

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Stage 6, 162 hilly kilometres from Napoli to Napoli via the active volcano Mount Vesuvius. The stage breakaway was super active too. Just Alessandro De Marchi and Simon Clarke remained with 70 km to go. They worked well together and looked set to battle for a stage victory. With around 500m to go to the finishing line the two started to look at each other and momentarily disrupt their flow. The fast-approaching peloton swallowed them up and ex world champion Mads Pedersen won the bunch sprint to take a well-earned stage victory. De Marchi and Clarke finished 88th and 89th, respectively. No change to the overall classification.

What’s the lesson? Sometimes, we may face the dilemma of choosing between something good and potentially great. While it can be a conscious decision, a fine line separates the two. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, we might let our emotions take control and make a decision we may later regret. Only after the latter do we realise we have lost everything we had. To avoid such situations, we can develop a decision-making approach that allows us to make objective choices. While it doesn't guarantee that we won't be swayed by emotions, having a plan in place in advance can certainly help.

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