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get to or got to

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Changing the way we speak or think about situations can have a real impact on our attitude and approach. Why not ensure you are set up for success?

Here's a question to get you started. What happens to your mindset if you change the start of the sentence from “I’ve got to do something” to “I get to do something”? It’s a small yet potentially powerful adjustment. Here are three examples:

1. I’ve got to go running. I get to go running.

2. I’ve got to do the school run. I get to do the school run.

3. I’ve got to write this appraisal. I get to write this appraisal.

It strikes me that the ‘get to’ version is more positive and appreciative. It can help bring perspective and encourages us to acknowledge the often-privileged position we are in. Try it today and see what happens to your attitude.

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