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alternatives from listening

Stage 13, a shortened 74km stage, from Le Châble to Crans-Montana (in Switzerland). The extreme weather and rider union pushed for the stage to be shortened to ensure rider safety. In this Giro, dogged by off-the-bike issues, race organisers rerouted the stage and reduced the distance from 207km. Stage victory went to Augusto Rubio with no change on the GC. What's the lesson? We can generate alternatives from listening. So this stage was different from the exciting event planned. Due to the challenging weather, think ice on fast descents, 90% of the riders voted to get the stage changed. This is not trivial and presents issues from a race organiser's perspective. Rerouting is complex, including logistics, financials (many towns will pay for the Giro to visit), safety, and still creating an exciting race. The race organisers rejected the original ask of the riders. Then a negotiation took place. Eventually, a solution was arrived at. This only happened by listening to each other and adjusting expectations. There are clear non-negotiables essential to have in the mix with any negotiation, as it helps those involved understand the boundaries of the situation as they listen and find a solution that all parties can agree on. #giro #giroditalia2023 #giroditalia #resilience #emotionalintelligence #success #negotiationskills #negotiation

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