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My name is Damian Piper, I started Effective Challenge in 2013 with a desire to create positivity and to help others work out how to achieve the changes they want. Using coaching, consultancy and facilitation, I've been fortunate to work with teams and individuals in business, government, sport, charity and education.


I have a real passion for helping people work out what being effective means for them and then putting in place the practical steps to make it happen - sustainably.  I strike a balance between challenge and support which is designed to help people realise their potential and call out where they could be making excuses and or putting up barriers.

I have over 30 years of experience to draw on in the Security and Defence Sector, performing a wide variety of roles. These have included developing organisational strategy, leading transformational change, and leading teams operating in pressurised environments. In the 2021 Queens Birthday Honours, I was awarded CBE for my services to Defence.


Certified coach with over 20 years experience both in the workplace and in my own business.  Accredited in Personality Type Assessments. I'm also a fellow of the Charted Institute of Engineering & Technology.  

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What's your effective challenge?

21st-century life has multiple competing demands. As a result, it's common to find it frustrating to achieve balance and focus. 


 I work with high-potential people to create a sustainable approach to being effective.


External support and challenge increase objectivity and generate fresh insight into what we want and how to achieve it.


The Effective Challenge podcast is all about boosting your effectiveness. Damian, the host, shares insights from his practical experience, academic study, and over a decade of coaching. We dive into topics like resilience, productivity, well-being, and emotional intelligence. Each episode breaks down a specific subject and gives you practical tools and ideas to apply in real life.

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Some of the Most Popular Solutions

At the heart of the EC approach is working with people to determine what type interventions will best meet their needs. Below is selection of some of the common ones. These can be delieved 121 or in small groups.

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effective challenge store

Visit the Effective Challenge Store for a collection of digital self-development products thoughtfully designed and created to empower and support you on your journey.


With a commitment to your happiness and personal growth, I have curated a range of tools that will guide you every step of the way. Explore these resources and embark on a path of self-discovery and fulfilment.


Start unlocking your true potential today.

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