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Stepping back to step forward


e 7, 218km from Capua to Gran Sasso, is fair to say that it was not the most exciting day in Giro history. That said, the breakaway survival gives heart to those hardy souls that attempt to hold off the peloton each stage. Stage victory went to Davide Bais of Eolo, Kometa, a team perhaps less well known to some. Retired pro and grand tour winner Alberto Contador set the team up. He has enlisted an ex-teammate and rival Ivan Basso to form part of the team management. Between them, they have nine grand tour victories. And fair to say both individuals have elements of a sketchy past regarding drug controversy. The overall classification remained the same.

What’s the lesson? Sometimes we must step back to step forward. Contador and Basso have stepped back and are now involved in the lower levels of pro cycling. The Eolo Kometa team is built on youth and is described as Contador and Basso giving back to the sport that has given them so much. The team has ambitions and is gaining respect as it develops steadily. In life, if we want to take on a different challenge, we may need to step back and start at a lower level to develop the necessary skills and experience. This can take humility, particularly if we are used to a certain level of success. We can find that our egos get in the way, and therefore, we fall short of all that we can achieve.

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