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Developing a positive mindset - Signs of spring or deep in winter?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

brrrr - It felt quite spring-like at the weekend; it's a chilly one this morning though; def a good reminder that we are still in winter.

I really used to not like winter and this time of year. Now I love it. Seeing the signs of changes towards spring is something I look out for every day.

What changed?

It certainly wasn't nature.

It was all about the story I told myself and the lens through which I viewed things.

This is a great example of both the story and the lens being something I had created. And therefore when I realised that, something I could change.

This is certainly not always easy. Even to recognise a thought pattern and subsequent routine takes effort.

Raising our awareness that we create the story is a powerful first step.

Where is there a story that needs updating?

I talk about another example of a story I was telling myself in Episode 030 of the Effective Challenge podcast.

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