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needing a new plan

Stage 11, the longest of the Giro looked to be uneventful. Alas, the final third of the stage was marred by crashes. The third-placed rider on GC Tao Geoghegan Hart left the race with a broken hip. Three of the prerace favourite teams have now all suffered major setbacks to their Giro plans.

What’s the lesson? When do you know you need a new plan? The situation in the Giro makes it blatantly obvious when a new plan is required. Rider withdrawals and crashes force a rethink. For many of the situations we face, it’s not so obvious when to let go of our existing plans. Ultimately this comes down to our judgement. Having objective indicators or discussing with objective individuals is one way to help with this. Trying to get objectivity at the same time as dealing with a ‘crisis’ is like trying to drive a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the break. It doesn’t work. How are you set up to support these kind of judgements?

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