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sustainable results

21st-century life has multiple competing demands. This leads to the common frustration - trying to achieve balance and focus. 


 I work with high-potential people to create a sustainable approach to being effective.


My external support and challenge increases your objectivity and generates fresh insights into what you want and how to achieve it.

Young Dancer
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about me

damian piper cbe

I have a strong desire to help people develop and change their current reality for the future they want.  My journey led me from modest beginnings, leaving school in the eighties with minimal qualifications, to becoming a senior leader with a role in the safety and security of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Over the years, I've honed a practical approach that leads to sustainably achieving results; blending academic studies, working with people in high-performance environments and my experiments.

Alongside my roles in security and defence, I founded Effective Challenge in 2013 to enable me to transfer my knowledge and experience to other settings. Through coaching, teaching and facilitation, I work with individuals across different sectors, assisting them to move forward from their current reality towards their future aspirations, particularly when they have become stuck or frustrated with the results they are able to achieve.  I’ve learned that our past and current circumstances play a smaller role in our future success than many people believe. Emphasising the importance of prioritising basics like our well-being and values, I advocate for putting oneself first to excel in any role. In 2021, I was honoured with a CBE for my contributions to Defence and leadership. I’m also a qualified coach, a practitioner of Personality Type assessments and a fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology.

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Effective Challenge


The Effective Challenge podcast covers topics to improve our effectiveness, including resilience, productivity, well-being, emotional intelligence and much more.
I am the host and draw from my practical delivery experience, academic study, and coaching people from various settings.
Released every Monday, each episode gets to the heart of a particular topic, provides real-world tools and gives ideas to put into practice.

Get my
Values & Behaviours

Understanding what values and behaviours we need (and don't need) is one of the foundations of our ability to achieve the sustainable results we require. Get my template to help you define yours. All for free.  🙌

I'll also share my latest thoughts on resilience, well-being and productivity.


Thank you -

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kind words

Damian really helped me develop my thinking to set clear goals and a plan that took my karate to a new level achieving 3rd Dan. His knowledge and experience really helped me to develop techniques that improved my ability to operate at my best in pressure situations.   The added bonus is I can apply what I’ve learned in sport to other areas of my life. I’d recommend Damian to anyone wanting to step up and take his or her performance to the next level.

Dean Brown, Lead Instructor

 Shotokan Karate Club

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