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When working with an individual its really important to make sure that every conversation and intervention takes account of their particular circumstances. Here are a number of factors that need considering:

  • The current reality the person is facing. We all live in environments that change. Ensuring our time together acknowledges that is key.

  • Build on solid foundations. You wouldn't build a house on poor foundations. Your performance is no different.  Ensuring you have a good awareness of your foundations is any early conversation we will have. 

  • We all have multiple roles to fulfil. Most people have between 8 to 12 roles they have to fulfil in their lives.  Ensuring any intervention we use acknowledges this helps strike a better balance. Where we know one role needs to take a priority we make sure we proactively mitigate any shortfall in other areas.

  • You only have so much capacity.  Each person gets 168 hours a week and any work that we do needs prioritising with all your commitments. Being objective about your capacity is a good indicator of sustained improvement.

  • Progress for sustained improvement. We will talk about the progress you'd like to make and the pace you'd like to achieve it at. There is not right or wrong pace and therefore I see it as important to check in with the progress you're observing and if necessary adjust.

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