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It's fair to assume that you are considering this workbook because you desire to achieve a challenging change.


You may have been putting it off due to not finding the right time, feeling frustrated by previous unsuccessful attempts, or simply not knowing where to begin. Please know that you are not alone in facing these challenges. Many people encounter similar obstacles. And get the results they seek with the right approach, commitment, and deliberate action. 


The Change Approach workbook is designed to cut through the wide range of material out there to help with personal change.  Using a 3-Stage approach, users will understand what the change involves and, more important, what they need to do to achieve it.


Stage 1 enables the person to go beyond the superficial levels of why they are seeking a difference and, in doing so, build a solid understanding of what the change will help them achieve and why.


Stage 2 drives the development of a robust approach for what's required - identifying the non-negotiables, the things you can sidestep with good preparation and the things that could derail you.


Stage 3 gets really practical, developing your sustained plan towards success and crucially avoiding getting overwhelmed with the things you need to do.


The workbook is applicable to multiple types of change and guides you through all you need to get on the right path to what you want.  Users have commented it's like having a coach by your side.


The format of this download is Microsoft Word.

Change Approach Workbook

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