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The point Beyond success

Achieving a significant goal has a great sense of satisfaction particularly if you have worked hard for a sustained period and overcome significant hurdles along the way. To maintain and hopefully really benefit from this achievement it’s important to have the right plan in place to take you beyond this point. It’s very easy to breathe out and then lose all of the great motivation that kept you going. Of course what’s not being suggested here is that you don’t celebrate your achievement or the journey you took to get there. So getting practical – what does this mean?

As you approach a period when it’s likely that the milestone is going to be achieved take a step back and review your overall plans.

It might mean something that has been a target goal now becomes maintenance and therefore you can elevate another project or goal to become your focus for the coming period.

Of course this assumes you have a longer-term plan on which to draw upon. The key point here is to carry out this activity before you actually complete the goal. That way you’ll have something in place to carry you forward. Waiting until after you have achieved the goal runs the risk that you’ll get distracted and lose momentum. In many cases this results in individuals falling back into poor habits – think about people you’ve seen achieve great weight loss only to find themselves back where they started a year or so down the line.

What techniques do you use to maintain your momentum

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