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Success is relative to your circumstances

Stage 4 of the Giro d'Italia and it was a shorter day with 175km of racing between Venosa to Lago Laceno made more challenging with some climbing and wet weather. But the real excitement came from the change in leadership with Andreas Leknessund taking over the prized pink jersey from Remco Evenenpol. It's interesting to note that this change in leadership was likely a deliberate tactic of Evenenpol, who would rather someone else took the responsibility of race leader for now. It's an unusual tactic for those outside of cycling, but it got me thinking about the dangers of comparing one's performance to another. Today's result is a career highlight for Leknessund, possibly the pinnacle of his whole career. It was clear what it meant to him at the finish line. If he were to compare himself to Evenepol, this could somehow devalue the success of today. What’s the lesson? People devalue their achievements or successes when they compare themselves to others. Defining success relative to your circumstances is an important skill, and done well, is often a key to unlocking potential and happiness. So, what would success today look like on your terms? Let's define it for ourselves and celebrate our achievements without comparing them to others. Congrats to Leknessund on his well-deserved win. #giro #giroditalia2023 #giroditalia #resilience #emotionalintelligence #success

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