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productivity - keeping the balance

The sheer volume of ideas we and others can generate for us is significant on any day. Everything in our environment can stimulate ideas about things we might want or need to do.

Unfortunately, our capacity can't keep up. It's 168 hours each week. Even if we are brilliant at delegation, we don't scale to keep up with the idea generation demands. I see examples of people getting enthusiastic about what they could do. I'm not immune to this myself.

Unmanaged, this can be exhausting and lead to de-prioritising the things that matter most.

Having a trusted system to capture and manage these ideas helps make more objective judgements about what we could do.

Here's a thought 🤔

It's common for people to rely on some sort of calendar for managing their appointments. They trust it.

It's way less common for people to have the equivalent for managing their ideas and actions. And yet the number in these categories dwarfs our appointments. Why's that?

Have you got an approach that helps you manage your capacity, or is this something for you to explore and improve?

#productivity #personaldevelopment #timemanagement #GTD

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