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Things happen, it's our response

Stage 2, on paper straight forward and a day for the sprinters. And that's how it was looking like it was going to conclude. With 200 of the 204km completed a crash. Some riders' dreams were dashed and others' dreams come true particularly for the Italian stage winner Jonathan Milan. One of the other race favourites Tao Geohegan Heart got caught out on the wrong side of the split caused by the crash and lost time on his rivals.

So what's the lesson here? It's rare daily life pans out as we expect. Plans change, people do things that help or hinder us. Working with the hand we are dealt rather than the one we expect or would like is the place to put our time and energy. Particularly when we suffer a setback. As quickly as we can, moving on with an adjusted plan will serve us. Obvious point? Of course. However, I guess we can all get caught out spending too much time on what could have been.

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