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PERSONAL productivity

Having an effective approach to managing what comes your way


your needs

With more demands of our 168 Hours each week, external events often feel like they are managing us not the other way round.

The Effective Challenge Personal Productivity Package helps people step back and develop an approach ready to handle what comes their way personally and professionally.

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The package includes:

  1. Explore the time management fallacy.

  2. Understand the pros and cons of different productivity approaches and identify which approach best suits your particular needs.

  3. Understand the importance of time horizons and context to determine the choices we make.

  4. Introduce the time management matrix and what it means to understand what ‘work’ is in the modern world.

  5. Understand the core components of a personal productivity system and build their own version.

  6. Develop an understanding of what has your attention and an approach to manage that.

  7. Develop a personalised weekly plan and review approach that supports what you need.

  8. Work through a guided weekly review and planning session to improve clarity and understanding.

Start Changing Your Story

What impact could having a Personal Productivity Approach do for your level of effectiveness?

Let's talk about how the Effective Challenge Package could help you?


"Knowing I have a productivity approach that supports my needs has helped me get a better balance and become more present.


Simple yet practical advice and challenges. 


Thanks so much,


Carrie "

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